Single-cell HCA Tutorial

Viewing the HCA Census of Immune Cells cohort

Video of walk through

Step by step instructions

1. Start here

2. Search for the study 'HCA Census of Immune Cells' and select. Click 'Done' at the bottom of the column.

3. Choose 'Phenotypic' and select 'louvain_cluster' and 'organ_part'. Click 'Done' at the bottom of the column.

4. Click 'Add Column' next to last column, select 'Analytic', and select 'cluster 3 markers - gene expression' and 'cluster 5 & 7 markers - gene expression'. Click 'Done' at the bottom of the column.

5. Click the bottom right corner of a column and drag it to make the column wider. Click and drag the top of a column to change the row sort order to find new patterns.

Final View

In this example we provide the Louvain clusters as part of our public hub. To add data from your own private hub to the view send us an email and we'll get you started.

More information about this view

Gene expression from an HCA 800,000 cell scRNA-seq dataset at a single cell resolution. The view displays expression profiles of 24 genes with two cell annotations from the HCA Census of Immune Cells study. The 26-parameter data from all 794,365 cells is held in compressed form in the Browser, with no down-sampling applied in generating the view. Each row across the entire display represents a single cell. Xena’s public-private data join feature enables users to combine large public resource data, such as the gene expression data from HCA, with their own analysis results, such as the Louvain clusters.

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