Bookmarks are a great way to save a particular view in Xena, either for yourself or to share with others.

Creating a bookmark

To bookmark a view, click on 'Bookmark' in the top navigation bar. From here you can either click 'Bookmark' to create a bookmark URL or click 'Export' to export a file that can then be imported back to the browser.

When you click 'Bookmark' you will then need to click 'Copy Bookmark' to copy the bookmark URL to your copy buffer. Large views may take a second or two to generate a URL.

Note that your filter and subgroup history, as well as the last Chart View you created, if any, will be saved as part of the bookmark.

Bookmarks are only guaranteed for 3 months

More information: Bookmark vs. Export/Import

The 'Bookmark' option will store all the data in view on our servers and provide you a link. This is the easiest way to share a view. Note that if you have any private data in view, this option will be disabled to preserve your privacy. Please also note that if you lose the link there is no way to get it back.

If you chose Export, it will give you a file with everything Xena needs to recreate your view. You can then save this file and import it back into Xena. While this option can be a bit cumbersome, it will allow you to share private data. Note that these files are still only guaranteed for 3 months, though they may last for longer.

Recent Bookmarks

The 'Recent Bookmarks' option will temporarily show the 15 most recent bookmarks you have created. This can be useful if you're constructing many bookmarks. Note that this menu is frequently reset so do not use this as permanent storage for a bookmark.


How do I make a bookmark with private data in view?

When you create a bookmark link, we save the data in view on our servers. To protect user data privacy, we have disabled this option when private data is in view. Please use the Export/Import option instead.

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