How do I view my data with the data from TCGA?

If you are adding in new samples, this will require you to combine outside of Xena and then load. If you are adding new data on samples we already have, then simply load the data into a Xena Hub.

Adding in new samples

We apologize but we don't provide a simple way to do this because of the batch effects that would be present when combining most data across studies. You will need to download the data you wish to combine from TCGA, combine it yourself outside of Xena, and then load it into your own Xena hub.

Download TCGA data through our data pages

Adding in more data on TCGA patient's samples, such as new subtype calls

  1. Load your data into your own Xena hub, making sure to select the cohort that you want to view your data side-by-side with when loading it.

Sample names and format are study specific. You will need to match what we already in Xena.

Our data pages have more information about the sample names for a study

Genomic Signatures

Note that if you want to view a genomic signature on our gene expression data, you can do so using our genomic signature feature.

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