A tool developed by the Stuart Lab to view samples in a 2D layout

UCSC TumorMap is a separate project developed by the Stuart Lab at UCSC. We link to them to help users gain another perspective on the data they are seeing in Xena. From their Overview page:

TumorMap is a tool that enables grouping samples based on their omic signatures in a visually accessible way. Similar to dimensionality reduction methods, Tumor Map method takes a high-dimensional omics space and produces a two dimensional visualization. Unlike most dimensionality reduction methods, the TumorMap method is able to combine multiple types of omics data (e.g. mRNA expression and methylation data types in a single map). Furthermore, TumorMap is an interactive tool that allows navigating through a tumor landscape that represents a heterogeneous multi-dimensional and multi-platform omic space of oncogenic signatures.

In the TumorMap, each node is a sample and clusters of samples indicate groups with similar oncogenic signatures and genomic alteration events. The samples in a map may be colored by various molecular, clinical, diagnostic, prognostic, and phenotypic annotations (e.g. tumor type, molecular subtype, etc.) to visualize associations with the data type used in clustering.

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