Videos, slides, and other materials to get you started using UCSC Xena

Welcome to Xena. Below is an overview of what Xena is followed by a few tutorials.

We recommend starting with the Basic Tutorial Sections listed in the left panel.

If you have a specific question, check out our 'How do I ...' Guides.

Workshop Cheatsheet/Handout

Video Tutorials

Video Overview of Xena (5 min)

Beginner Video Tutorial (17 min)

Advanced Video Tutorial (55 min)

Recording of tutorial given for NCI in May 2021, which includes closed captioning: https://cbiit.webex.com/cbiit/lsr.php?RCID=acf4ea46dd9e41338662f0ba1ac59754

Advanced Slide Tutorial

This slide deck assumes that you have completed the Basic Tutorial Sections 1-3. This slide deck goes through more advanced walkthroughs.

This slide deck does not cover our newest feature, Differential Gene Expression Analysis.

Request a workshop

Workshops are a great way to teach a group of people how to use Xena. They can be 1-hour, 1/2-day, or 1-day in length. While we find that inn person workshops are the most effective, they can also be given remotely via Webex or a similar technology. We give workshops both within the USA and internationally. Please contact us for more information: [email protected]