Welcome to Xena. Below is an overview of what Xena is followed by a few tutorials.

If you have a specific question, check out our 'How do I ...' Guides.

Workshop Cheatsheet/Handout

Video Tutorials

Video Overview of Xena (5 min)

Beginner Video Tutorial (17 min)

Advanced Video Tutorial (55 min)

Tutorial given for NCI CBIIT in May 2020: https://cbiit.webex.com/recordingservice/sites/cbiit/recording/play/c14f597b9b334d05b4c8ffce7a7f8217

Same tutorial given for NCI CBIIT in October 2019: https://cbiit.webex.com/recordingservice/sites/cbiit/recording/play/d5a83a983b924f3dabe053dce439f754

Slide Tutorials

Beginner Slide Tutorial

Advanced Slide Tutorial

Request a workshop

Workshops are a great way to teach a group of people how to use Xena. They can be 1-hour, 1/2-day, or 1-day in length. While we find that inn person workshops are the most effective, they can also be given remotely via Webex or a similar technology. We give workshops both within the USA and internationally. Please contact us for more information: [email protected]