Overview of Visual Spreadsheet

This dynamic, powerful, and flexible view is our default view into the data.

The Visual Spreadsheet allows you to add an arbitrary number of columns of any data type (mutation, copy number, expression, protein, phenotype, methylation, etc) into a spreadsheet-like view. We line up all columns so that each row is the same sample, allowing you to easily see trends in the data.

Data is always sorted left to right and sub-sorted on columns thereafter.

Get started by going to the Xena Browser and following the wizard to enter your data of interest.


Click and drag any where in any column to zoom in in either direction. Zoom out to all samples by clicking the 'Clear Zoom' at the top. Zoom out to the whole column by clicking the red 'x' at the top of a column


The Tooltip at the top of the Visual Spreadsheet shows more information about the data under the mouse. More information about using the data in the tooltip.‚Äč