How do I remove null data (gray lines) from view?

Sometimes not all samples in a dataset have data. This can happen for a variety of reasons, such as a particular sample did not undergo an analysis. In this case, we use gray, or 'null' to show that there is no data.

To remove all nulls across all columns, type "null" in the Find/Search Bar at the top of the screen and use the filter + subgroup menu to choose 'remove samples'

Example walkthrough

Our goal is to remove samples with no data (i.e. null) from the view. This will make the view look cleaner and remove irrelevant samples from future analyses.


  1. Type 'null' into the samples search bar. This will highlight samples that have 'null' values in any column on the screen. Null means that there is no data for that sample for that column.

  2. Click the filter menu and select 'Remove samples'.

  3. Delete the search term.

Video of steps

More information on supported search terms