How to sort through feedback

You've gotten a lot of feedback ... now what?

You will likely get a lot of feedback after talking with users. Some of it may even not be relevant to the issue you are looking to solve. Deciding what to do from the feedback can take some work.

Write down all feedback, even feedback that is out of scope. You may decide to come back later in the future to something and having this initial feedback will be helpful.

Weigh carefully how important a design change or element is to the user. Even if the change will be difficult to implement, it may be worth it. Conversely, something that is not very important to users but is easy to implement may also be worth doing.

Weigh feedback in the context of the goals of your application. For instance, typically you want a user to go through an application as quickly as possible since time is valuable. However, it may be good to slow a user down in some cases, such as if you need them to think about the implications of an analysis before running it.

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